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Carpet Cleaning Machines

Posted on October 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

With the invention of Carpet, the invention of a Carpet cleaning machine was not far away. The first hand held Carpet cleaning machine was designed and tested in the 1860’s in Chicago, while the first power operated vacuum machine was invented in the early 1900’s by an English man named H. Cecil Booth.

At around the same time as H. Cecil Booth’s invention, a man by the name of James Murray Spangler came up with his own vacuum cleaner invention, which he later sold to his cousin Hoover. As you well know, Hoover has become one of the most prominent names in the vacuum cleaning machine business and is certain one of the most popular household names in the western world.

The vacuum cleaner was heralded as a blessing in disguise for many housewives, whose weekly task it was to keep the house clean. Initially, vacuum cleaners were only capable of sucking up dust and dirt, but with modern technology inventors were soon capable of designing a wet-cleaner that can steam carpets and kill germs.

Carpet was capable of covering the floor of a house, flat, or bungalow and keeping peoples feet warm in winter. Initially, people needed to sweep their floors, or carpets, but with the invention of the vacuum cleaner, people could easily detract the dirt and dust from their carpets with less effort. It was also realized that businesses, apartments and corporations would need someone to clean their carpets too, so the invention of the commercial carpet cleaners was next.

Essentially, the vacuum cleaner operates using a pump system. The pumping device sucks up air from a house, which in turn sucks up the dust and dirt from anything in front of the house opening. Inside the vacuum cleaner is a filtering system that collects the dust and dirt that can later be placed in the garbage outside.

Currently there are seven main types of vacuum cleaners; the upright vacuum cleaner, the Canister vacuum cleaner, the back-pack style vacuum cleaner, the built-in vacuum cleaner, the robotic vacuum cleaner, the hand held vacuum cleaner and the wet/dry vacuum cleaners. These different types of vacuum cleaners are available in different styles, sizes and have various voltage/power potentials.

One of the most significant developments in carpet cleaning machines has been the invention of the cyclone carpet cleaner. Unlike previous carpet cleaning machines, the cyclone carpet cleaner collects dust and dirt in a large cylinder type container. The cyclone carpet cleaner operates using a central air force and a number of filters. These filters filter the dust and dirt into stages, so that the air being sucked up into the cylinder container can then be cleaned and re-released into the air through a central outlet.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are also a relatively new invention, enabling the carpet to be cleaned by a carpet cleaning machine without the need of people power. Using a simple control mechanisms, the robotic vacuum cleaner can navigate its way around the floor of an apartment, or home, cleaning dust and particles from the floor and then return to its docking station for re-charging.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines

Posted on October 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dry cleaning carpet machines clean a carpet without using a liquid detergent. It is usually used to clean carpets that are made of fine fibers, because it prevents moisture build up and damage to the carpet. The solution used in a dry carpet-cleaning machine is a powder-based substance that is sprinkled or sprayed on the carpet evenly, left to dry and then vacuumed to remove the dirt.

Any time you use a dry carpet cleaner; you should always vacuum your carpet first. If there is a wet spill on the carpet, make sure that it is dried before using the machine. A wet spot can prevent the machine from working properly and prevent the cleaning solution from working properly. The whole idea of a dry carpet cleaner is that it uses low moisture to clean. The cleaning agent is only a 10% water mix. This eliminates the problem of over wetting the carpet and there is no need to worry about shrinkage, buckling or mildew. The dry carpet cleaning method works much faster than hot water cleaning, and the detergent are environmentally safe. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the safest ways to clean a carpet. Dirt is sucked into the machine and the carpet is cleaned in an efficient manner with less of a mess. The cleaner has various attachments including brushes, foams, sprays, powders, etc. It is safe to use on most fiber carpets and it is extremely powerful. The circular motion of the vacuum tank extracts the toughest dirt and is very effective in high traffic areas like living rooms and dens.

The Best Rated Carpet Cleaning Machines

Posted on October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Owning your own carpet cleaning machine can save you hundreds of dollars over the years, but how do you know which one you should buy? After looking over consumer reviews at many sites, here are the ones that consistently rate the highest.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900
This upright machine got glowing reviews from its owners. Priced around $150, it has a 12-amp motor, 5 spinning brushes, and uses hot water and carpet cleaning solution to get the job done right. You can give tough stains an extra squirt of cleaner if needed, and this carpet cleaner leaves your carpets surprisingly dry. You can also use this cleaner on upholstery or bare floors. This carpet steam cleaner gets first place for reliability and functionality.

Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Deep Carpet Cleaner, 2080
This carpet cleaner is also an upright. It is priced at about $100, so it is an affordable option, and it assembles in two easy steps. It has separate 1/2 gallon clean and dirty water tanks. This carpet cleaning machine weighs in at only 18 pounds and has a 20-foot long cord and large wheels for easy maneuverability.

Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900
Another Hoover upright made the list, this one featuring a computer-controlled system and DualScrub technology. The price is a bit steeper, coming in at around the $375 mark, but it does come with a rare 6 year limited warranty and several desirable bells and whistles. There are onboard power tools, including a crevice cleaner and upholstery tool, and this carpet cleaner leaves your rugs nearly dry and looking professionally cleaned when the job is finished.

Bissell SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, 1200A
If you’re looking for a spot cleaner, this little carpet cleaning machine really does the trick. You can actually set this down on the trouble spot and simply walk away while the SpotBot does the job. Perfect for pet stains and other problem areas. At around $130, it may seem a little pricey for a small machine, but it packs a big wallop in cleaning power.

Overall, it looks like a Hoover carpet steam cleaner could be your best bet, closely followed by some Bissell models. Check out other consumer reviews before you buy and choose your carpet steam cleaner wisely. There have been several complaints about some types of carpet cleaners, so do your homework before you make your buying decision.