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The Regular Upkeep Of a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Posted on November 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

For your carpet cleaning, we suggest that you use a well-maintained machine since poor equipment will yield poor result. Your carpet cleaner will fail in a few days due to a lot of stress. Therefore, we suggest that you check your machine from time to time and get the broken or worn components replaced as soon as possible to avoid the high cost of damaged parts. Given below are 5 reasons why it is important to maintain your machine.

Vacuum Motors

Professional machines come with more than one motors. Under load, they can get really hot. Over time, they lose power and the gradual loss is not easily noticeable. If the motors suck up water, they can fail quickly. Therefore, make sure you change the motors after 500 hours or so. The counter on the machine can tell you the number of hours it has worked for. Once it reaches the 500 count, you should be ready to replace the motors.


The pumps of the carpet cleaning machines take a lot of stress just like the motors. The pumps of your machine may feature carbon brushes. You may have to change their parts, such as rings and valves on a regular basis. Aside from these parts, you may also need to replace the bearing. The pump-head is driven by the bearing. If the bearing is not replaced in a timely fashion, you may have to get the pump-head replaced, which will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Hoses & Cuffs

Hoses are available in various sizes. Usually, they come in 25 feet and 50 feet. Aside from this, their diameter is between 1.5 inches to 2 inches. The hoses are connected with cuffs and connectors.

Hoses are robust and they can take a lot of wear and tear. The upkeep of hoses won’t cost you a lot of money, but they should be inspected for worn connectors, cuffs and leaks.

As a matter of fact, in carpet cleaning, hoses play a great role. They remove the soil and dirty water. Blockages don’t happen very often. If you want to keep them clean, make sure you do the suction of water on a daily basis.

Solution Hose

The solution hose of a carpet cleaning machine requires regular maintenance. Each end of the hose has a male and female connector. Each connector joins the wand and the machine. One of their great qualities is that they can take a lot of high pressure. Make sure you check the solution hose for leaks and the connectors for wear and tear. You can use oil to lubricate the connectors on a weekly basis.

Replaced the Machine

If your machine is severely damaged or is very old, we suggest that you don’t spend money on replacement parts. Instead, what you need to do is get the machine replaced. In other words, you should sell your old machine and buy a new one. At times, spending on the repair work can cost more than buying new equipment. So, make sure you consider buying a new one.

The Best Rated Carpet Cleaning Machines

Posted on November 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Owning your own carpet cleaning machine can save you hundreds of dollars over the years, but how do you know which one you should buy? After looking over consumer reviews at many sites, here are the ones that consistently rate the highest.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900
This upright machine got glowing reviews from its owners. Priced around $150, it has a 12-amp motor, 5 spinning brushes, and uses hot water and carpet cleaning solution to get the job done right. You can give tough stains an extra squirt of cleaner if needed, and this carpet cleaner leaves your carpets surprisingly dry. You can also use this cleaner on upholstery or bare floors. This carpet steam cleaner gets first place for reliability and functionality.

Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Deep Carpet Cleaner, 2080
This carpet cleaner is also an upright. It is priced at about $100, so it is an affordable option, and it assembles in two easy steps. It has separate 1/2 gallon clean and dirty water tanks. This carpet cleaning machine weighs in at only 18 pounds and has a 20-foot long cord and large wheels for easy maneuverability.

Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology, F8100900
Another Hoover upright made the list, this one featuring a computer-controlled system and DualScrub technology. The price is a bit steeper, coming in at around the $375 mark, but it does come with a rare 6 year limited warranty and several desirable bells and whistles. There are onboard power tools, including a crevice cleaner and upholstery tool, and this carpet cleaner leaves your rugs nearly dry and looking professionally cleaned when the job is finished.

Bissell SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, 1200A
If you’re looking for a spot cleaner, this little carpet cleaning machine really does the trick. You can actually set this down on the trouble spot and simply walk away while the SpotBot does the job. Perfect for pet stains and other problem areas. At around $130, it may seem a little pricey for a small machine, but it packs a big wallop in cleaning power.

Overall, it looks like a Hoover carpet steam cleaner could be your best bet, closely followed by some Bissell models. Check out other consumer reviews before you buy and choose your carpet steam cleaner wisely. There have been several complaints about some types of carpet cleaners, so do your homework before you make your buying decision.

How to Impress Carpet Cleaning Customers With Your Carpet Cleaning Machine

Posted on November 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Don’t be Misled

Some manufacturers and distributors of truck mount carpet cleaning machines will suggest, to new entrepreneurs in the business that one of the deciding factors, when purchasing a new system, is to obtain one that impresses or “wows” the customer.

The Customer’s Perspective

The reality is, many unscrupulous carpet cleaners will take advantage of the customer’s unknowing belief, that carpet is some type of magical, undefinable material and so is the cleaning and maintaining of it.

If a customer sees your carpet cleaning van, truck or trailer, their curiosity or intrigue with the machine inside, that they do not understand, will more times than not be nonexistent. Now, if you have a vehicle that is filthy, unkept, dripping fluids’, shedding rust on their property and has a putrid odor that carries for a hundred yards, that might spark their interest.

Business Expenses Come First

You may find the occasional customer that is familiar with carpet cleaning equipment, or is impressed (even if invited) with your huge, expensive machine. But, I promise, the value of that bogus ego boost will seem small, compared to the inevitable and huge maintenance/repair rates and downtime generated by long labor costs.

When shopping for a carpet cleaning system, don’t be unknowing too. Remember they all do the same thing, clean carpet. Be aware, that the four main components of any system to be concerned with are the engine, pump, vacuum blower and how the water is heated. The true power of your carpet cleaning machine is in the power of the vacuum blower. There are several ways to heat water and apply it to the carpet, but it’s what you get back up that “really” counts.

Ask Basic Questions

Always, always, always ask questions about the cost of upkeep for your new carpet cleaning system. When it comes to repairs, put your concerns into three parts, “Can I do the repair myself? How involved is it?” And most importantly, “How long will it take?” Some good ones to start with are, belt changes, oil changes, fuel pump change, pressure pump repair, hose changes and (my favorite) if the starter on my engine goes out or oil seal pops out (and they will), how much labor will it take, one hour or four?

This is your money, business and future, take all the time you need and ask about any part or procedure that you don’t understand.

The Answer to the Question

So what’s the answer to the question? How do you impress carpet cleaning customers with your carpet cleaning machine? Use that machine to do the absolute finest carpet cleaning job, you really care about doing. Just like you, customers want to be cared about, not sold. As long as you operate keeping that in mind, they won’t even mind if you make the occasional mistake, whether they look at your equipment or not.