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How To Use A Carpet Cleaning Machine

Posted on September 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you’re considering renting or buying a professional carpet cleaning machine so that you can give your carpets the just-bought look they deserve then there are a few important steps that you need to be aware of before you actually go out and spend your hard-earned cash.

Empty The Room Of Furniture

Today’s carpet cleaning machines are so effective that it is important to clean the whole carpet rather than just spot-clean small areas as these are likely to stand out like a sore thumb – especially if it is some time since you last had your carpets cleaned.

So for ease – and to get the best finish you possibly can – remove all the furniture from the room you would like to work on. Remember that it may take your carpet some time to dry after the cleaning process so place your furniture somewhere where it won’t be in your way all day long.

Test On A Hidden Area

Testing your carpet cleaner is essential. You want to be certain that both the machine itself, and the chemicals you will be using, won’t cause any damage to your carpet so once your room is clear, and you have vacuumed it completely, select a hidden area (such as the area which is normally hidden by the couch or a book case) and try to clean this area. Ensure your carpet looks good afterwards and no color leaches from it.

Assuming your test goes well you are now ready to clean your carpet.

Clean Your Carpet

The next step is to actually use the carpet cleaner properly. Aim to work yourself around the room in long strips, ensuring you don’t miss any areas. Also appreciate that even the best carpet cleaners may leave your carpet a little damp after cleaning so aim to end up your cleaning by the door where you can easily exit rather than finding yourself stuck in a corner surrounded by wet carpet you will have to walk on.

Dry The Carpet

Next let your carpet dry. Consider opening windows or turning on the heating to gently help the drying process along and try to avoid the temptation to place your furniture back in the room too soon.

Replace Your Furniture

Finally replace your furniture. A useful tip is to place your furniture on small circles of kitchen foil so that if there is any last residue in the carpet from your cleaning then your furniture won’t cause staining, or become damaged by the chemicals. After 24-48 hours it should be safe to remove the foil altogether and dispose of it.