How to Treat Different Eye Conditions

People are bound to be affected with different ailments. Some of the diseases are mild while others serious and may result in blindness. People of different ages are affected by eye conditions. This may vary from short-sightedness to serious conditions such as cataracts that may result in blindness if urgent measures are not taken. Some eye conditions are brought about by the advanced age especially in the elderly. People are also affected by puffy eyes, or swollen and bags under their eyes. It is crucial for people to visit an eye clinic whenever they have different eye conditions so that they can be assessed and effective medication and remedies offered. People can use the following tips to treat their eye conditions.

Some of the factors that will result to puffy eyes include lack of sleep, loose skin around the eyes and allergic reactions. Puffy and sagging eyes occur when blood circulation under the eye areas is poor making the blood to settle under the eyes. People can get rid of the puffy eyes by adjusting on some activities that they do in their homes. People can get rid of puffy eyes by changing their sleeping position, one should consider sleeping on the back and not on the side since sleeping on the sides compromises blood circulation.

The other alternative that people must incorporate in the lifestyle is taking enough water to avoid dehydration. People who are having eye conditions such as puffy eyes and bags under the eyes are also advised to incorporate water-rich produces such as watermelons and cucumbers in their diets. Tea bags are not only useful as beverages, they can also be used to treat different eye conditions such as eye bags and dark circles by applying them to the affected areas. Dark circles can be cleared by applying a cold compress to the affected areas which will bring some relief.

Since some of the eye conditions are brought about by allergic reactions, it is crucial to use antihistamines to help reduce the allergies. People are advised to wear creams that contain sunscreen so that dark circles and under eye bags can be cleared. People should protect their skins from the harmful rays of the sun by sitting under a shade. People that have puffy eyes are advised to sleep on elevated areas which include using two or more pillows so that puffiness and dark circles can be avoided. The other option will be raising the top end of the beds so that people do not lie flat as this limits proper blood circulation. People should also have more sleep as this will reduce the puffiness and swollen eyes. People should also cut on their salt intake as it results in bags under the eyes.

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